Chinese Cabbage Coconut Soup!

Hey so whilst in Rome!!!!

Hmm or China where food standard are not what they could be & traditional kitchens have only a gas hob.

So that gives you the wok or the pot & vegetables of course you can eat what you want. Personally I’m steering clear of cardboard rice or hormone grown meat !

So this one is simple & light yet filling!

You will need….

  1. Chinesse cabbage 1PP (But they are quite small here).
  2. Other leafy green veg, I’ve used a random Chinese vegetable.
  3. Coconut milk
  4. Fresh ginger root
  5. Green chilli x 1
  6. Red Chilli x 1
  7. Garlic & chilli paste
  8. Himalayan pink salt & black pepper
  9. Fresh lime
  10. Water

So wash & roughly chop your veg,

I’m cutting calories on this dish so instead of oil put a mug of water into your work & heat with a squeeze of lime.

Chuck in the veg while you finely chop the garlic and chilli then pop it in & season.

Add more water as needed, so you should see the water but it doesn’t quite cover the veg. Add chilli garlic paste 2 good tbsp stir, put on a wok lid leave for a few minutes.

Once it is soft, take it off the heat or it may curdle. Add coconut milk I’m using a non sweetened drinking coconut milk. If you want to be more indulgent swap for the creamy canned version.

Stir it in and if you need to reheat do so over a very low flame. You can add boiled water as well to adjust the consistency.

Enjoy 💜🧡💛💚


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