Healthy 5 minute Breakfast…

So today I would like to share my first delicious nutritious healthy breakfast recipe.

Which is sure to give you a energy kick, provide protein to balance the natural sugars, whilst leaving you feeling full but light.

This has become one of my favourites here in China, as the ingredients are universal and can easily be swapped out for anything you fancy.

All you need is

  1. 1 chopped banana or 2 kiwis. (other fruit of your choice)
  2. 1 small pot or serving or natural Greek or Coconut yogurt.
  3. Chia seeds.
  4. Goa berries or berry or choice.
  5. Almonds or swap for other nuts.
  6. Super hungry add some pre soaked or cooked oats. If your cutting calories soak in water or use a dairy free milk for a creamy alternative.

Perfect served with an Oat milk honey latte!

Enjoy 💚💛🧡💜

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