Are you a fellow horse lover? If so, you won’t need me to tell you it’s a lifestyle hobby or a “not enough hours in the day” profession!

Does Bucks Fizz for breakfast at the stables on Christmas morning sound familiar? Do you wonder if there is another way, as you wave any chance of a long holiday goodbye?

We make many sacrifices to be at the stables bright and early seven days a week. As our long suffering partners (if they haven’t already left) complain that even a weekend break feels like a military operation. Finding someone to entrust with your beloved partner in crime is no straightforward task and if you fix that, well it’s bound to clash with a clinic, equestrian event or competition!

We dedicate long hours into our four-legged friends, and it’s all worth it to have the bond and silent partnership with this powerful and noble animal. The highs of a win and the days when you get a well sat on your embarrassing dressage sheet, concussion on XC and then the lorry breaks down on the way home!

If you like me, live breath and sleep horses but dream of seeing the world. You’re in just the right place at just the right time. Are you a groom looking for international jobs? Maybe you’re a solo female traveler, who would love to have riding adventures on your journey, but you’re not sure where to start? Are you looking for inspiration? Check out my pictures below and I will tell you more in a moment….

As a solo female traveler with twenty-five years of experience with horses, I totally get it! We all have family who worry about us traveling. Add horse riding on the other side of the world into the mix and the Mum messages go bizzurk!! So I’m here to help you check out what’s out there and how to keep safe whilst traveling or working away.

So are you ready to saddle up ladies? If so, it’s time to trot on over to my Blog Map. That’s where you will find out how to navigate the site and how I went from full-time professional rider to full-time traveller and equine consultant.

Follow my story to get inspired, book your next adventure or promote your riding holiday or experience. https://www.facebook.com/freefilly.blog.

If you want to work abroad with horses, join our Free Filly community on FB to find out more. Top tips on finding work, what to expect and how to succeed as an international groom. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1976177605935853/about

“In riding a horse we borrow freedom! Travel the world with them and become freedom!”

Rowena Wade Auld

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