Hayfields Riding School Open Day @ Guangming Riding Club

So after our epic adventure it was time for me to let the ponies rest & for us to head to the Guangming Riding Club.

I would travel with Maria, who is Hayfields quarantine & import manager and has worked with Jan for several years.

After a 3 hour drive we arrived to meet the exciting new team at Hayfields, based in the Guangming Riding Club.

The club is based in the Bao’an area North West of Shenzhen. The Guanming Riding Club is the largest and most established club in the Shenzhen area and has fantastic facilities.

It was lovely to meet the team, who live in a fantastic apartment. Just a short scooter ride from the Riding Club.

This is where I will be based when I bring the ponies to the club. I will share the apartment with Susanna and Jasper.

Susanna is the Head Coach for Hayfields has a level III, from International Group of Equestrian Qualifications (IGEQ)

Origionally from Finland, Susanna achieved a Bachelors Degree, from the Swedish agriculture university in equine studies. She went on to teach the Swedish riding system for many years.

She is also an experienced rider with her own competition horses back in Europe.

Jasper is the son of Jan, who is the managing director introducing and setting up Hayfields Equestrian, in China many years ago.

Jasper and his parents live on a stunning equestrian farm in Sweden. Where they have livery and competition horses.

Jasper grew up with his mother competing at a high level in Showjumping and he also got the bug.

He has ridden since he was a small child and competed internationally. Including attending the Italian Arezzo Showjumping Tour.

Jasper is currently a private coach for Hayfields and is also riding and training the horses. He also studied Chinese for four years which is super helpful.

Candy is the manager for Hayfields and a director in the company. She looks after all the coordination with the Club. She also organises all the members and lessons.

Candy is supported by here brother Reay and his wife who are also directors in the company. They are working hard behind the scenes to create lots of exciting publicity and social media with digital educational benefits for members.

The team had organised an open day to relaunch the riding centre and celebrate the ponies arrival.

It was a fantastic day with Jan attending all the way from Sweden. Lots of Chinese teas and delicious food.

Susanna and Jasper completed a ridden display for the members and I plaited the horses to make sure everyone looked super smart.

We would like to say a big thank you, to all the staff, coaches, owners and members at the Guangming club. For all their fantastic help and support on the day.

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