Hong Kong – Thailand

The Incredible Coast of Krabi

I arrived on an Air Asia flight from Hong Kong, at 6pm in Krabi. Which I booked on the morning I was leaving #wingingit……

The flight was brief and hassle free. It was easy to grab a taxi at the small airport. After a Forty minute drive I arrived on the west coast at the https://www.bananas-bungalows.com/

I had booked my first night’s accommodation here based on some trip advisor reviews.

I was lucky to see the sun setting over the amazing floating rocky hills. After a very warm welcome by the staff and a tour of the facility. I could settle into my cosy Bungalow and then order a super tasty Thai Penggung tofu & veg curry. Cooked by the local Thai kitchen team…. delicious & authentic !!

With lots of communal and chilling out areas, this is the perfect place to start any Thai trip. The other guests were international, and the friendly conversation included everyone.

The Hostel provided organised trips and supporting you to hire a bike or other transport mode, to visit the local sites independently.

They even have an in house masseuse and plenty of accommodation options for single travelers to families.

The hostel has a wooden path that leads you to the stunning coastline and the alumni plankton. In the full moon you can swim with this incredible tiny life forms which light up the sea like fairy dust.

The hostel doesn’t have its own pool. But if you walk to the end of the 50 metre private jetty you are at the sea.

Where you will see the fishing boats and amazing floating rock hills. If you follow the coast south for around 3k at low tide brings you to coconut bay.

Here you will find a few small bars, one with a small pool which you can use for free, if you are drinking or eating. You can relax in the hammocks and sunbath on the beach with or without a cocktail.

In my true day, one adventuring spirit. I completely forgot about the fact that the tide comes back! I had to Wade the 3k back up to my waist with my rucksack on my head! I Lost my shoes and cut my foot but it was a monumental work out.

As the sunset, I was feeling an amazing sense of freedom, adventure and gratitude that I was fortunate enough to experience such places and people as this.

I would highly recommend this area for solo travellers and backpackers it’s pretty special. Keep checking back as I will posting the next phase of this trip as soon as I get a little spare time 😉

Thanks for reading 🙏

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