Prawn Veg & Egg Rice Noodle Stir Fry

So sticking with the one wok cooking theme! Here’s a easy peasy spicy as you like it prawn, veg & egg dish that you can cook in your lorry!! Packing in your veggie quota with lots of fresh metabolism & immune boosting spices. Balanced with proteins & healthy fats from the prawns & eggs. YouContinue reading “Prawn Veg & Egg Rice Noodle Stir Fry”

Chinese Cabbage Coconut Soup!

Hey so whilst in Rome!!!! Hmm or China where food standard are not what they could be & traditional kitchens have only a gas hob. So that gives you the wok or the pot & vegetables of course you can eat what you want. Personally I’m steering clear of cardboard rice or hormone grown meatContinue reading “Chinese Cabbage Coconut Soup!”

Avocado Tomato Protien Punch Salad!

This is a great lunch for active days and glowing skin. Healthy oils and energy from the Avocado vitamin rich tomatoes and an extra punch and crunch of protein, nutrients and omega 3 from the dried peas and flax seeds. Not to mention my daily metabolism kick dressing, try and get a serving of thisContinue reading “Avocado Tomato Protien Punch Salad!”

Classic Breakfast

This one is a no brainer if you want a light high protein breakfast with the peppery kick of rocket and a metabolism boosting dressing! Which gives you your omega’s and an oily fish kick, that even Kate Moss swears is the secret to amazing skin! You will need One – two free range localContinue reading “Classic Breakfast”

Mish Mash Breakfast – Lunch!

A Bulgarian recipe, that really hits the spot if your craving a high protien, zinc rich delicious breakfast or for lunch just add a salad or small portion of a healthy sour dough bread. It’s packed with healthy fats, flavour & has lots of omega 3 & multi vitimins in the mix!! You will need…..Continue reading “Mish Mash Breakfast – Lunch!”

Healthy 5 minute Breakfast…

So today I would like to share my first delicious nutritious healthy breakfast recipe. Which is sure to give you a energy kick, provide protein to balance the natural sugars, whilst leaving you feeling full but light. This has become one of my favourites here in China, as the ingredients are universal and can easilyContinue reading “Healthy 5 minute Breakfast…”