Mish Mash Breakfast – Lunch!

A Bulgarian recipe, that really hits the spot if your craving a high protien, zinc rich delicious breakfast or for lunch just add a salad or small portion of a healthy sour dough bread.

It’s packed with healthy fats, flavour & has lots of omega 3 & multi vitimins in the mix!!

You will need…..

  1. Coconut/bran/flaxseed oil or butter
  2. Eggs 2-3 per person lightly wisked, cut out the yolks on the 2nd & 3rd eggs if your striping weight or watching your fat content.
  3. Half a can per person tinned or fresh tomatoes (If fresh pop them in the frying pan/wok first with a little water until they burst then drain & remove).
  4. Bulgarian non dairy white cheese “Sirene” you can get this in Turkish & some Polish stores. Alternatively use feta. (Portion size of a playing card per person crumbled).
  5. Spring onions.
  6. Chives to taste.
  7. Hymilian pink salt, black pepper.
  8. Paprika Cayenne Pepper or Chilli.

So it’s super easy heat a very small amount of oil or butter on a low – medium heat. Chuck in the egg mix and keep it moving it’s going to look like scrambled egg!

When the eggs starting to cook chuck in the drained canned tomatoes or pre cooked fresh.

Now season to taste with the salt pepper & spices.

Keep it moving, when the eggs are 3/4 cooked pop in the cheese & spring onions stir it up & let the cheese melt a bit.

Drain off any excess juice and serve garnishing with fresh chives.

Enjoy 💜🧡💛💚


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