Coming Soon “The Tales of Neb Toblat!”

I promised in my blog “A journey to Shenzhen” that I would unleash some of the highlights of my time in Holland with “The Lady & her dog” Jenny and “The Girl from Far Away” amongst others! Well they are coming very soon.

Now for anyone who has worked in the world of International show jumping you will be aware that it takes all sorts and there are some colourful characters out there. However, at Team Toblat, colourful barely covers a coffee break this is some seriously once in a lifetime craic!!

As a teenager I was passionate about Show Jumping my Working Pupil experience with Diane Lampard (looking after her Queen Mary Cup winning horse Abbervail Dream & grooming for her at the local shows with the Whitaker’s and Tim Stockdale!) Inspired me to want to be a rider and set me on a path of all things horsey that would eventually lead me to the adventures of Neb Toblat!!

Now that’s not a real name! But it will do just fine for the purpose of these stories. You see even the Interview to become Neb’s flat rider/manager was an adventure or more a series of unrelated difficulties and that was just the beginning. I don’t believe that more than two back to back days occurred in six months without some epic chaos or ridiculous scenario unfolding. The stories are far too good not to bring a laugh and a smile to all that read them especially if you’re a groom! So over the next few months I will endeavour to drip feed the best of them to you.

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