The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

For me that company has often been of the equine variety. I am a freelance rider-manager and equine consultant originally from N Ireland. I have a passion for all things horsey, especially whilst traveling the globe and absorbing new cultures. Its a colourful world out there and the land of horses is vast and diverse. So much to be learnt and experienced.

I have spent my life working with and helping horses and owners all over the UK and Europe. I began my career as a working pupil, grooming for two consequtive 5 star British SJ team members, before I turned 17.

From backing youngsters to riding race horses, my experience and an opportunist encounter lead me to set up and run my own reschooling, eventing & pre training yard. For eight years I worked with my team of sassy lasses, in the heart of stunning Northumberland Countryside.

Having competed in all disciplines I specialised my business in young and problematic horses. I have always favoured the troubled souls of quirky and misunderstood ad horses in pain. The Temple Girls & I found a nich in the market and had many busy years.

Empathy and consistent kind training and a good vet #PhillDicon is the only way to break down the barriers of abuse and regain the trust of an animal that puts its faith in us and endures our endless mistakes.

Having retired form competing I contemplated what came next, which lead me to india. Here I spent time in 2017 riding in the Indian mountains, on the amazing Mawari Indian War Horses.

Later I began to take international freelance projects working as a Flat Rider Manager in Holland. I went on to coordinate and accompany their six horses (with a driver & his partner from Romania and my Ukraine Groom), to Arezzo for the six week Show Jumping Tour.

So in 2018 I was delighted to be given the opportunity to go to China, I had initially expected it to be a two month project. However, it was actually a five month epic adventure from Northumberland to Cambodia. Via Holland, Germany, Kazakhstan, China, Macua, Hong Hong and Thailand.

My life has taken many twists and turns and am immensely grateful for all the wonderful opportunities and experiences i have been given and shared with others. I have decided that I have no reason to return to live in the UK and instead will begin my life as a nomadic blogging horse expert !


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