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Heres how it works. With so many Blogs out there I was super surprised to realise that there isn’t much info for combining travel and horses!

FreeFilly has venturing into unchartered territory. Yep, you are one of a kind who has found a one of a kind Blog. By sharing my journeys and adventures, I hope to give you useful info, tips and guides.

But bigger than that, I will share with you how it is possible to combine a love of horses with seeing the world. How you can leave home with £150 and stay away for a year. Yes, how to get paid enough to sustain travelling for most of the year.

I’m a busy horsey girl like you so my Blog is work in progress. Soon you will find a map of each area of the world I have worked in.

So, for example, if you’re interested in traveling & working in Asia. But don’t know where to start or you want to know how I worked and travelled my way around Europe for a year……

  • Click on my Find FreeFilly Page (when it’s ready) and find an area of the world your interested in.
  • It will show where I and my partners have worked, and where we explored.
  • Interested In what we did for work? Read about our Projects in Global Groom and become a member of our community
  • Want to know where I went in my spare time and how?
  • Check out my Solo Filly Travels posts in Globe Trotting. They are colour coordinated, so it’s easy to remember which project enabled me to make these travels.

Globe Trotting

Now here is where the adventures begin. So you have stumbled across my blog, or maybe someone sent you here? If so, thank them for me they did a cool thing.

Maybe you have some experience of either travelling and working with horses at home. Are you interested in equestrian holidays and adventures?

Whatever brought you here, I’m thrilled you came. I hope that my journey will give you the confidence to take the first steps and begin making your own bespoke and unique ride of your life.

Ready to get inspired? In Globe Trotting I will add all my travels made before, during and after a project.

Had a look?…… Now you know what’s possible its time to decide. Are you a Global Groom, a World of Horses Explorer, or a Bit of Both!!

If you already have international experience and just want to travel more. I hope you have found what you need.

I would love you to get in touch if you have a story to share a business that you would like to partner or if you have an equestrian clothing thats travel friendly.

Let me know if I can help with something.

Global Grooms

So you have decided that it’s time to be different. You may need to sell or loan a horse, a trailer, tack and who only knows what else.

Well before you recruit that no mercy friend, to help you down size your garage full of horse gear into the backpack you just dug out.

Just hold your horses, first visit this page. Want to become an International: Groom, Rider, Manager, Stable Man or anything that means working with or around horses.

Here you will find all my global working projects with top tips and Ideas as I share some of my personal experiences.

Become a member of our Free Filly Community and you will access my support blogs on what to look out for.

Signs that the job isn’t what it seems. Your rights and working hours. I will also offer training and advice on.

  • Becoming a legally Self Employed freelancer.
  • Setting up and keeping your accounts.
  • Our partner agencies and contacts to get jobs abroad.
  • Personal help to negotiate your contracts that enable you to travel more.
  • Email templates to make sure you ask the right questions and get the answers in writing.
  • What to expect in different countries
  • What should you take and how do you get there safely?
  • Packing for a freelance job and who pays for your travel.
  • Planning a well-organised tour for your rider.
  • Legal driving times and driving in Europe weight limits rest periods.
  • Health & Safety.

I am also including tool kits to use in your job. Help and support with the best way to deal with language barriers or issues at work. Staff training and planning tools.

We will regularly update the members section with news and up-to-date info for working away.

World of Horses

So you are a traveller who wants to include some riding adventures or equine experiences along the way.

Maybe you have decided that there are too many good things about life at home with your horses and for sure it’s a great life.

You’ve realised that you can still get to that travel itch by saving up for a big trip here and there and your looking for a top adventure.

If you’re a solo traveler, then I’m all about that and I will share my personal experiences of global equine leisure experiences.

This is also where I will promote and review these experiences along with top tips on safe and practical travel to and from your chosen destination.

If you are a couple or a solo female traveler with a story of an equine trip or adventure. Get in touch we will pay you for your blog with photos.

Just check out my map to find out where I have been and follow the links to some amazing tours.

If you run an equine experience, trekking or riding adventure and want to advertise here then get in touch.

Better still get in touch to discuss my review and promotion service and partnership options.

With so many amazing members and a unique audience, it is a great move for your business.