RD Trip To Catalonia

Goodbye Northumberland

Off on my next adventure it was time to pack up Arnie, my faithful Audi A3 and begin the two-day road trip to Catalonia. Don’t forget to get your car checked out before a lengthy journey like this and make sure you have a decent European travel insurance you can opt for a single journey if pennies are tight. My advice get the best you can afford which covers hotels. https://www.moneysupermarket.com/breakdown-cover/european/

I had accepted a job to Manage a Project in Catalonia at an Arabian Stud. Working with twenty-five straight Egyptian Arabian Horses, eight of which were Stallions.

It would be a challenge, but first to the task in hand getting there. I booked a ferry for my local crossing with https://www.directferries.co.uk/newcastle_amsterdam_ferry.htm

Sea Legs

Driving from the North of the UK to Europe, I find it the easiest and safest route for us Solo Fillies. I short drive to Newcastle and then you are free to rest, work or eat and have a couple of glasses of wine. There are normally other solo travelers on the Ferry so you can find someone to chat to if you want to.

Note you don’t get WIFI included and phone charges at sea are crazy or not available. Breakfast and dinner is best booked in advance to avoid additional charges.

My advice on a budget take your own food and go for the cheapest cabin with a sea view. If you’re not in the slightest you can get even cheaper without a sea view but be warned its tiny.

If you want to have a pleasurable time and money isn’t soo vital, then upgrade to a Commodore De Luxe Cabin. You get a free mini bar, WIFI and breakfast so if you do the sums it isn’t a poor deal.

Its way more comfy and you can enjoy the sailing. You will arrive between 09.00 and 10.30 plan for the later time, it can be painfully slow getting off or no hassle at all. No way of knowing which.

Driving in Europe

Driving out of Amsterdam to watch your speed, I’ve had two fines for being 2 kilometers over the limit. If you in MPH mode it’s easily done.

I made it to the north of Lyon in France the tolls are frequent and expensive so don’t forget them when you’re quoting for your journey there.

I had forgotten about French hours. Pulling off the motorway at 16.30 starving and finding most hotels shut for off season and no one was serving food until 19.00.

Hmm…. not my best day tired, hungry and stiff I found a B&B who made me an omelette. What I would do differently, take enough food with you to do the two-day journey and maybe find two stay over options in the area you expect to get to or an hour apart.

Checking they are open and when and if they serve food. That way you have options depending on how you feel the drive is going. You can just keep going, but I don’t advise it on your own. Driving in France is stressful, they are unforgiving drivers and Spain is as bad. North of France I find easier to drive in than the UK.

If you don’t drive, then your probably best to fly, but ferry and train is also an option. Where I would recommend that you get your new employer to book and pay for the flights to make things easier. They should also get you from the nearest airport or train station or send someone on their behalf.


Day two I had an early breakfast and set off at 07.30, making it to Montpellier for lunch. It was hot and a much nicer drive as I headed towards the coast and the excitement of reaching my rural Girona destination grew.

I finally arrived at around 17.00. Where I was pleased to get settled in and finally be in such a stunning sunny place.

More to come on this project as soon as I have time to continue the story. If you have an equestrian position or project, you need help with please get in touch.


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