Hi, I’m Row….

Equine Consultant & Riding Manager

I am a nomadic equine expert, who has given up a traditional country business owners lifestyle. To be a little less ordinary and lots more extraordinary. For the last three years I have travelled the globe working on short-term equestrian projects.

I pick the jobs that most suit me in the country’s that most appeal to me. I have even flown to China with six ponies. Want to know more, head over to my “How my Journey Began Page”

Global Horse Travel & Work Blogger

Between projects I travel as a solo female to the most amazing places. Where I am always on the lookout for riding adventures and experiences which I promote and review.

I love to take photographs and offer a consulting service to Equestrian venues who would like help to expand, improve equine welfare and comfort or promote and develop their clients experiences.

So what do I do & how can I help you?

  • Work as an Equine Consultant
  • Design and put in place systems to improve efficiency in yards.
  • Fly with horses
  • Manage and ride horses
  • Help clients to develop and market their business
  • Support and advice by joining my FreeFilly Community for clients and grooms.
  • Retrain race horses
  • Partner and positive influence using my blog & social media followings.
  • Write reviews and promote your equine experience or centre
  • Assess and help owners to improve working equine welfare and comfort.
  • English speaking riding Tour Guide
  • Take amazing photos and blog about my adventures.

Im originally from Northern Ireland and I have family scattered all over the UK and further afield. In my twenties I back packed and worked my way around Europe in the same way I do now. Only back then I was a back packing riding groom twenty years later…… and I have come full circle only with a more sophisticated title and a bigger salary!!.

My other passions are practicing yoga, music, community, culture, living in an eco conscious way and eating a plant-based and sustainable diet

I am very grateful for my amazing life and if my stories inspire you to do something you wouldn’t have let me know i would love to hear about it. Thank you for following me.