My COVID Experience Changed Everything

Firstly I’m super happy to have been rated as one of the top ten Digital Nomads Blogs by

Big thank you but what have I been up to recently…….

Ive had quite a COVID adventure…

On the 8th of March I went to Andorra, skiing for the first time. With a guy I had been dating for a couple of months Miquel. #braveman.

The trip was a “it’s a shame but I probably won’t see you again trip.” He had exams and I was going on my own journey…

With mixed emotion, I had just finished a seven month equine project in the Girona area of Catalonia. Now I was driving to start my next project in Bulgaria.

An english tour guide in the beautiful mountains where I have owned a home for 14 years yet never had a chance to live in it full time.

12th March we said goodbye and I flew from Perpigon to Marrakesh, for a quick one week holiday before the big drive. It had begun! my road trip from Catalonia to Bulgaria was really happening or was it!

13th March whispers of what’s to come, as flights are cancelled, airports closed and chaos decends amongst travelers.

I make it out of Marrekesh to the beach. Where I remained stranded until April with twenty other international travelers in a Morrocan hostel.

I met some awesome guys and finally started teaching some Yoga. Miquel and I stayed in touch his exams are cancelled and he is worried about me in Morroco. I’m not sure if I will get back and resign to being in Morroco for the long haul.

Finally I was rescued by the Spanish consult from Essaouira, via Casablanca and Madrid after Ryan Air cancelled my third rescheduled flight home.

Luckily I had my Spanish residency or I would still be in Morroco.

A masked Miquel was waiting for me at Figueres his home city. It was a strange reunion at the end of my 38h piggybank emptying #bizzarejourney back to where I started.

He managed to take me across the French border to be reunited with Arnie my Audi car who was abandoned at the airport. We drove back to my old flat and unpacked everything that 25 days earlier we had packed up. 🤷‍♀️

We did three weeks quarentine played guitar got cabin fever, ate to much. Then I got a voluntary position with horses in exchange for food and accom not to far from Miquel family home.

I waited out the getting to Bulgaria sarga in the stunning Volcanic Region helping with organic veg and horses.

Once restrictions eased we spent weekends wild camping in Miquels camper van and fell in love. We will see what happens I thought…

The embassy finally confirmed on the 25th of May that I can get into Bulgaria. But It will take me four wks to get there. Completing various quarentines in some of the country’s I would have to cross so I waited.

Miquel would normally work in France for the whole summer season. But he gets a job to start on the 1st of July in Girona for three months.

Then I got offered a job here to, so I’m now working with Polo Ponies. The season is April to Mid Nov and then I get four months off so we can travel 🙌

I’m lucky to be staying with Miquels family, were super happy and are talking about our future together. I’m 10 min from work and I love the area so much that I’m buying a house here.

Its nothing like the path either of us had in mind a few months ago, but I wouldn’t change a day of it.

This whole situation has shown me that you always are exactly where you are meant to be.

If only we can be at ease with it life gets so much easier. Your purpose is just to be present in every moment no matter what or where it is.

If you can learn to live with or even enjoy uncertainty. The universe has a way of working things out for you….

#gowiththeflow and #enjoytheride you never know where you might end up ❤️🙏❤️

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