Fires, Flooding & Famine …

Fetch the Ark…….

Wow its been a tricky few days with high winds and extreme rains flooding the area, bursting river banks and bringing down trees on determined drivers, trying to make it to their destination.

But my thoughts go out to all those who have lost someone dear to them in the storms, truly tragic.

We expect sunshine tomorrow and then the grand clean up mission must begin…

Stay safe and remember to consider our climate in everything we do. The planet is the most wonderful gift and our inability as a race, to live in balance and find peace in presence, has lead us to crisis point.

More fires, floods & famines await us, whilst we obsess over buying a better car than the neighbour has, or having another designer bag.

Reality check people.. no thing will make you happy. You are already happiness & joy in its true form. Inside you is the brightest light, compassion & eternal youth.

The things you buy only distract you and help you loose sight of the very thing your looking for. But it was never lost & its not a mystery, its just hidden under all the rubbish you bought & nonsense thoughts you believed in.

None of its real, none of it is going with you. What goes with you is what’s inside so nurture it, do something kind for youself and others everyday.

Could you abstain from eating meat? Not because you have to, but because you believe that feeding the starving is more important than you eating meat or that all life is sacrid & not ours to take?

We buy take aways, whilst we through out meat & animal products that we didn’t find the time to cook. Even though processing those products has a massive impact on the environment & life has been sacrificed for us to eat it.

We are horrified by the mass devastation. Yet we buy the products & support companies who care more about their profit margins, than filling our seas and land with their plastics & chemicals.

What can we do…….

Check out Echart Tolle #ANewEarth…

Is it possible for enough of the Human Race to evolve in time to save the planet 🌏🙏

One thought on “Fires, Flooding & Famine …

  1. Did you write this? I know it’s your blogg site. Have you been having floods in Spain? You haven’t mentioned it but then you’ve had other things on your mind!

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

    Yes mum we are right in the middle of it



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