Six Flying Ponies!

Having arrived at Frankfurt Lufthansa Cargo and completed the initial process, we were quickly able to unload the ponies and their kit bags. After having a few minutes to walk and stretch their legs we were assisted to load them onto the specially designed container that they would complete their entire flight on.

The specially designed containers are split into three sections with moving partitions very much like an oversized trailer. They are well bedded and have more height and the ramp is much larger with less incline than on a trailer. The ponys all loaded very well with much less issue than I had anticipated. There are other animals such as dogs in the animal hotel and it is quite a big noisy and potentially frightening experience for them. The staff are extremely professional and made the process easy.

In front of each pony a breast guard is attached (this looks a lot like the guards which you can put across a stable door), if you wish to leave it open without your horse escaping. The area in front of this is not big and in this space we must pack water containers & buckets the kit bags and haynets.

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