Life Hack

Mornings make a difference, it’s a great time of day for some quality you time. So instead of pressing snooze & missing the best bit of the day. Why not try this top tip for starting your day off feeling fabulous. Set your alarm for 30 min before you need to get up. Now, insteadContinue reading “Life Hack”

Fab Natural Skin Care Routine!

People often compliment my skin in my late 30’s I’m lucky. Many people start to see the signs of aging and wear and tear.  I was fortunate enough to have been well advised in my 20’s. “Look after your skin and don’t forget your neck” She said…. Tracey thank you!! Soo nothing fancy here checkContinue reading “Fab Natural Skin Care Routine!”

Detox & Metabolism Boosting Tea

So we all over do it, running around travelling partying or just feeling that we have no time, forgetting that munching on a burger at 11pm is not going to help our bodies to cope with all that we ask of it. As a professional groom, rider, farmer working person or mum/dad life can beContinue reading “Detox & Metabolism Boosting Tea”

Prawn Veg & Egg Rice Noodle Stir Fry

So sticking with the one wok cooking theme! Here’s a easy peasy spicy as you like it prawn, veg & egg dish that you can cook in your lorry!! Packing in your veggie quota with lots of fresh metabolism & immune boosting spices. Balanced with proteins & healthy fats from the prawns & eggs. YouContinue reading “Prawn Veg & Egg Rice Noodle Stir Fry”

Healthy 5 minute Breakfast…

So today I would like to share my first delicious nutritious healthy breakfast recipe. Which is sure to give you a energy kick, provide protein to balance the natural sugars, whilst leaving you feeling full but light. This has become one of my favourites here in China, as the ingredients are universal and can easilyContinue reading “Healthy 5 minute Breakfast…”