The Ponies Progress

So for the last week I have been working with the Ponies to improve their fitness and learn more about their strengths & weaknesses.

I have been keeping their work varied using a rota system where they move between lunge work in a roller, loose schooling with and without tack & ridden work.

I was also lucky enough to have a friend come to stay. After the necessary quarantine procedures she was able to come and ride with me. This was super helpful because it enabled me to assess the ponies behaviour when another pony was entering, working & leaving the school.

Most of the Pony’s were extremely good about this. But our young pony Jasper and hot head Skitel were a bit distracted by this. It was therefore a really helpful exercise, as I was able to work them through until they were settled and concentrating on their schooling instead of the other pony.

I have also been checking and tweaking bits bridles & saddles so as we have the best tack allocated to each pony. Some of the ponies have also had makeovers and are looking super smart.